Benefit from world-class training for your ADF role, together with opportunities to gain professional, trade and tertiary qualifications.

Receive Training Receive Training
Receive training that sets you up for life

You'll start learning from the day you join the ADF, gaining knowledge that benefits your whole career. We'll prepare you for service life, ensure you're fit enough to serve, and equip you with the personal and professional skills to tackle every challenge in every situation.

Learn to lead Learn to lead
Learn to lead and manage

The ADF has a well-deserved reputation for producing leaders of the highest calibre. We take resourceful individuals and transform them into Officers, who lead and manage teams in a variety of capacities.

Use the links below to learn more about the Royal Australian Naval College (Navy), the Royal Military College (Army) and Officers' Training School (Air Force).

Acquire skills and qualifications

Sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen fulfil dozens of different roles in the ADF, ranging from admin to combat, and trades to communications. Initial training is followed by job-specific programs that often lead to nationally-recognised qualifications. Use the links below to learn more.

Never Stop Learning Never Stop Learning
Never stop learning

The ADF invests heavily in the personal and vocational development of all personnel, and offers promotion courses that prepare you for higher rank. You can choose to grow your skills in your existing trade or profession, or you might be approved to specialise in a new or expanded field.

The information on this site represents the current outcomes for Defence employment categories, but these may change as capability requirements evolve or are updated. The information on this website will be reviewed regularly to ensure currency is maintained. VET Qualifications awarded as an outcome of Defence employment training will be awarded by either the Defence RTO or by an external RTO where not possible under the Defence RTO registration.